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Thursday, August 16, 2018

[SCAM] Review Hyip ChoiceEcredit.Online - Up 3% daily


ChoiceEcredit Online is a financial company of US operations from 2010 until now specialized in financial and credit lenders electronically. Online ChoiceEcredit use security mode and brand identity by Green Bar SLL COMODO, support diversity mode from: online, Skype, Telegram, Whatapp to email directly . Online ChoiceEcredit packet of interest is also quite diverse with the highest rates can get is 3% daily . With the launch of investment from the dated 14 Aug, 2018 shall ChoiceEcredit Online promises to be a long-term investment channels and reap extreme interest to you investment involved.

Registered investment accounts: ChoiceEcredit Online
I. Characteristics of ChoiceEcredit Online
  • Release: 14 Aug, 2018
  • Accept payment via: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Minimum Investment: $ 50
  • Minimum payment: $ 0.01
  • Payment: Manual, payment within 24 hours.
  • Interest paid: 5 days / week from Monday - Friday
  • After the 48 hours following the investment will be profitable for the first time, if you invest in your 3rd 6th, the new shrink [Since the Saturday, Sunday without interest]
  • Return on investment: Yes, depending on the package rate.
  • Early withdrawals: Yes
  • Vietnamese language: Yes
II. The rate of ChoiceEcredit package Online
  • Note: All packages must be split 25% interest rate for the company. Interest from 1.5% - 3.0% daily.
  • Packages Credit Exchangge : Package rates fluctuate depending on the level of investment and payback date that the company made. This package investors are payback at the end of rate cycle .
  • Pack Grant a credit : Package rates fluctuate depending on the level of investment and payback date that the company made. Interest from 1.5% - 2.9% daily for 7-95 days. This package investors are payback at the end of rate cycle .
  • Package Functional Management : Investment from $ 7,000 - $ 300,000. Interest from 2.1% - 3.0% daily for 90 days. This package investors are not the end of the cycle payback rate - Already included in the rate .
III. Monetization opportunities along ChoiceEcredit Online
You will receive a bonus of 19% maximum of 5 routes to achieve the company making the request. Bonus based on the profit daily membership [You get bonuses based on profit daily membership and not the bonus based on the amount of membership investment]
Note: You only level up to get bonus subordinates when members start receiving interest [this time will be counted as members of that activity]
  • Upon successful registration you will receive your account bonus level 2 is: 8% - 5%
  • When the system has enough 3 investors will receive a bonus 3 levels are: 8% - 5% - 2%
  • When the system has 15 investors will receive a bonus of 4 levels are: 8% - 5% - 2% - 2%
  • When the system has enough 30 investors will receive 5 bonus is: 8% - 5% - 2% - 2% - 2%
IV. Investment Guide and ChoiceEcredit Online
Registered investment accounts: ChoiceEcredit Online
  • Step 1: Update your account information and account verification [The account verification members only necessary for investment from $ 7,000, while members of the investment under $ 7,000 are not required to verify]
You go to "Edit", select "Settings", the most important is to choose the default port and enter your withdrawals to your wallet. Then click "Save" to save the information.
  • Step 2: Recharge investment
You go to "Replenish the Balance", enter the amount you want to load and press the "Replenish".

Select the port to load and press "Pay".

  • If you pay via gate PerfectMoney, Payeer the money instantly in your account.
  • If you pay via Bitcoin, Ethereum then you will get the exact amount to be transferred to address ChoiceEcredit wallet. The process can take up to 2 hours to load.
  • Step 3: Conduct investment
To this step, please see the end of the video that guides investment Tekzoom ChoiceEcredit so you understand how to invest the most accurate.
When money was loaded into the account, you want to invest in "Credit Exchange", select the package and want to invest interest carried out at the request of investors ChoiceEcredit then you will succeed.
Investment process here is completed, your task is to draw every day in interest on ChoiceEcredit.
V. Guidelines withdrawal and withdrawal at ChoiceEcredit
  • To withdraw money from your account balance, you on the "Withdraw the Balance".
  • To withdraw your funds before the deadline on "Withdraw a Deposit" [You can only withdraw funds when the investment is 24]. The processing time is 14 days, the money will be on the account balance and you can cash in your wallet.
VI. Proof [Proof of payment] updated on June 18/08/2018
Note: HYIP always potential investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions

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