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Monday, September 17, 2018

Review Hyip TessLine.Com - Up 2.4% daily

TessLine an investment site has never been known in Vietnam, and was the first Tekzoom Russian party leader put registration link. And the site under Leader Tekzoom Russian party as Taurise, Binom, Fix Club has a long life cycle. So boldly Tekzoom TessLine HYIP review for your reference. TessLine a financial company in Ireland has full juridical documents on the operation. Official member TessLine investment from 06 sep, 2018 , the security mode identified by the Green Bar SSL , mode online support Online , package rates with the highest long-term 2.4% daily , the website set professional design. All these factors are the highlight good to invest in TessLine brother right now.

Registered investment accounts: TessLine
I. Video review TessLine của Tekzoom
II. Features of TessLine
  • Release: 6 Sep, 2018
  • Accept payment: Gate $ [Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash], Altcoin [BTC, ETH, LTC]
  • Minimum Investment: $ 50
  • Minimum withdrawals: 1 $
  • Interest paid: 5 days / week from 2nd - 6th
  • Payment: Manual - payment within 36h [Often very fast]
III. The package rate of TessLine
4 recall you should only pay interest rates 3 daily package:
  • Start [select packages Loyal ]: Interest 1.6% daily for 30 days. Payback at the end of cycle 30 working days. 148% ROI [NET 48%]. Investments 50 - $ 2,500.
  • Elevation [select packages Professional ]: Interest 2.0% daily for 25 days. Payback at the end of cycle 25 working days. 150% ROI [NET 50%]. Investment from 3.000 to 10.000 $. This is the best package rates.
  • Riches [select packages Luxury ]: Interest 2.4% daily for 55 days. Payback at the end of cycle 55 days. 232% ROI [NET 132%]. Investments from 15.000 to 150.000 $.
IV. Make Money with TessLine
  • To make money with TessLine require you to invest a minimum of $ 50. After investing your money with TessLine be new. This time you will level "Light" and receive 3 bonus levels of investment are: 7% - 2% - 1%.
  • You will to a higher level with the award from the more level if you invest or system sales of the company launched. Example: In order to level "Liberty" received awards from investments 4 grade is: 9% - 4% - 1% - 1%, you only need to invest even $ 8000 or h Stand your network investment reached $ 40,000 . Similarly for the remaining levels.

To get your referral link to "Partners", select "My structure".

V. Investment Guide to TessLine
1. Step 1: Register for the investment account
Registered investment accounts: TessLine
Note : 
  • You enter your full information, particularly the "Skype" if you do not have to fill out.
  • Each registered member will receive the "PIN Code" random, you have to stay careful to use when updating electronic wallet or enter at checkout. "PIN Code" will be sent to your email as soon as you complete the registration.
2. Step 2: Update your electronic wallet
You to the list of managed account, choose "Billing Info", you enter the address for electronic money that you have.
3. Step 3: Add money to account
Tại "Statistics" bạn chọn "ADD BALANCE"

Enter the $ want to invest, choose payment gateway and click "ADD BALANCE".


  • If you deposit via $ [Payeer, PerfectMoney, Advcash] the money to the account immediately.
  • If you deposit via Altcoin [BTC, ETH, LTC] , you'll get exactly the right move to address altcoin wallet TessLine.

4. Step 4: Conduct investment 
When the deposit has an account you can invest by selecting the "Deposits", then choose "Open Deposit", select the package rate, enter the amount want to invest and click "Open".
Investment process here is completed, your task is to draw every day in interest on TessLine.

  • To withdraw your money on "Account" choose "Withdrawal" select ports have money, enter the amount you want to withdraw, enter the PIN code and press "Remove From Balance".

VI. Proof [Proof of payment] 17 Sep, 2018


Note: HYIP always potential investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions

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