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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Review HYIP Way-Capital. com [CA] - Up 3% daily

Way-Capital is a project that is quite long preparation of a company that specializes in Trading in Canada before the official release investment policies widely from day 23 Jan, 2019 . Especially many world-renowned leader has examined and confirmed that Way-Capital is a company active in Canada actually. Certificates of Way-Capital also quite clear and true. Also seems quite knowledgeable Way-Capital financial markets should have favored language designed specifically for Vietnam. Everything sided Way-Capital to prove that the Way-Capital will accompany investors in a long time. Hurry quickly became the first investor participation in Way-Capital.

I. Features of the Way-Capital
  • Official Online investment: 23 Jan 2019
  • Accept payment via: $ [PerfectMoney, Payeer], Crypto [BTC, ETH. LTC]
  • Minimum investment: 20 $ - 0.005 BTC
  • Minimum withdrawals: 1 $ - 0.0005 BTC
  • Interest paid: 5 days / week from 2nd - 6th.
  • Payment: Manual - payment within 75H
  • Referral bonus invest 3 levels: 4% - 3% - 1%
  • Information incorporation papers quite clear and complete, you can refer here and here .
II. Way-rate packages of Capital
1. Pack payback rate after the rate cycle : WWC
This package only accept converted all ports loaded and paid out $ based on $ exchange rate. You could invest all $ port and Crypto for this package.
  • WWC Forex : Interest 1.5% daily for 16 days of work. Payback after 16 working days. Investment from 20-499 $ . ROI  of 124%.
  • WWC Nasdaq : Interest 1.8% daily for 24 days work. Payback after 24 days. Investment from  500 to 4.999 $ . ROI  143.2%.
  • WWC SP : Interest 2.0% daily for 32 days work. Payback after 32 working days. Investment from 5.000 to 24.999 $ . ROI  of 164%.
  • WWC Xetr: DAX : Interest 2.2% daily for 40 days of work. Payback after 40 working days. Investments from 25.000 to 49.999 $ . ROI  of 188%.
  • WWC DJ: DJI : Interest 2.4% daily for 46 business days. Payback after 46 working days. Investment from 50.000 $ . ROI  210.4%.
2. Package capital in interest: BTC
This package is only acceptable rate of investment through BTC port. This rate of interest package which should not return at the end of rate cycle.
  • BTC Light: Interest 2.6% daily for 70 days work. No payback. Investments from 0.005 - 1.4999 BTC . 182% ROI.
  • BTC Medium : Interest 2.8% daily for 70 dayswork. No payback. Investment from 1.5 - 4,999 BTC . 196% ROI.
  • BTC Light: Interest 3.0% daily for 70 dayswork. No payback. Investment from 5-25 BTC . 210% ROI.
III. Investment Guide to the Way-Capital
Note: When you register for an account you will be required to enter the "Secret Code" - This is a sequence of six numbers chosen by you. Please manually enter your number and remember it carefully.
1. Update your billing information
Once logged into your investment account immediately "Profile", select "Edit profie". Update electronic wallet that you have in the "Payment system".
2. Deposit account
You select the "+" in the list on the left, "BALANCE" to deposit $ or BTC.
  • $ Port can load all ports: PM, Payeer, BTC, ETH, LTC
  • BTC ports: Can only recharge via BTC
3. An investment
When deposit step 2 has to account, to invest you in "CREATE DEPOSIT" select USD "or" BTC "you've loaded in step 2
You choose the package want to invest will appear the word "INVEST" so you click to investors.
IV. Guide withdrawals at Way-Capital
To withdraw your money into "DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWS" select "Withdraw fund". Select the type of money is available, select the port, enter the amount and click "Withdraw". Money will be returned in 72 hours your wallet.
V. Proof [Proof of payment] 23 Jan, 2019


Note: HYIP always potential investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions

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