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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

[SCAM] Review ICO BitMally.Com (BMT Token)



Introduction ICO Bitmally

#Bitmally  a decentralized anonymous email with the ability to perform transactions. Bitmally Email allows users to contact each other, exchange of electronic money and money trusts, while remaining completely anonymous and protected from their information being intercepted by a third party, scammers or agency goverment. The contents of each user's email is stored on the server are encrypted. Only users with a password to unlock the encrypted data can access the contents of an email address. The password for the encrypted data is only the user knows and can not recover if lost.

Highlights of Bitmally

Anonymous:  Confidential Information sent via e-mail is protected by encryption terminal. This means that even the service administrator can not read it.
Count encryption:  If data is deleted from the virtual memory block, the memory block is overwritten and can not decrypt the data, even when the server will be seized.
Decentralized calculation:  Service can protect data by backing up data on multiple servers and distribute data to all users on the network.

The solution of Bitmally

Strong security
Endpoint encryption, anonymous and decentralized fully protect user information from third parties, scammers and seized media reality.
Electronic Wallets
Each e-mail account registered will automatically receive an internal electronic wallet is integrated with the following contracts: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, ZCash, Dash and dogecoin.
Mobile applications
For the convenience of users, and to serve the number of clients increasing Bitmally services, they are developing mobile applications for two operating systems iOS and Android.
Additional accounts and withdrawals by bank card
The addition of electronic wallet and withdraw money from your account can be made by bank card payment system and other popular with low cost.
Table comparing Bitmally with other email service:

Details BMT Token and ICO

Token Bitmally (BMT) is the token utilities. This is not the stock and does not offer a dividend payment to the owners Token It was released on the platform and compliance Ethereum Blockchain ERC20 standards. Exploiting Token not offered by the standard function.
BMT can be used within the e-mail service as a means of payment. BMT allows you to pay in full for the service pack package tariffs and paid to send / withdrawals using the service and Mixer.
Tokens distributed as shown below:
- Name Token:  BMT
- Total Tokens: 200,000,000  BMT
- Stage PRE-ICO :  January 7 to March 15, 2019
PRE-ICO Number Token sold: 40,000,000 BMT
PRE-ICO prices Token: $ 0.05 - There are discounts
PRE -ICO Buy minimum: 2,000 BMT
PRE-ICO Buy maximum: 20,000,000 BMT
PRE-ICO Soft cap: $ 500,000
PRE-ICO Hard cap: $ 2,000,000
- Phase ICO :  15 March to 15 May, 2019
ICO Number Token sold : 100,000,000 BMT
ICO Token Price: $ 0:08 - There are discounts
ICO Buy minimum: 2,000 BMT
ICO maximum Purchase: unlimited
ICO Soft cap: $ 2,500,000
ICO Hard cap: $ 10,000,000



Video introduction project

Information Channel project


Especially Bitmally investment program also has interest from 3% daily for 66 weeks [sources included in rates]. You can invest in interest income: https://bitmally.com/#bounty


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