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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Review Hooplex.com – Up 1.1% daily


If you're too slow to join the project are hot WeenZee then this is your chance to do everything with Hooplex

Project Introduction Hooplex

Hooplex has operations on Feb 02, 2019 . According to the site, Hooplex LTD with registered number 11643682 of the United Kingdom is a community with a new financial law. Hooplex system is part of the technology Lexera. A multi-currency system with core LexeraLXR LexeraWay based on it. LXR money transactions are anonymous.

Hooplex more investor interest package option, which is returned late each package rate cycle. Package shortest cycle is 30 days the longest 180 days with interest from 0.7% to 1.1% depending on each package.
With interfaces are sophisticated investors, promising moderate rate Hooplex will be a long-term investment projects bring good profits for investors.

1. Characteristics of Hooplex

- Online Date: Feb 05, 2019 .
- Investment Minimum:  50 $
- Interest paid:  7 days / week
- Payment:  Instant 
- Complete invested: Yes, the end of the cycle
- Accept payments through: Perfect Money, Payeer, BTC, ETH, LTC , Dash, ZEC, XRP, Blackcoin, dogecoin, Tether and TRX
- Trailer

2. The rate of Hooplex package


- Package 30 days - 0.7% daily payback end of the cycle
- Package 60 days - 0.8% daily payback end of the cycle
- Package 90 days - 0.9% daily payback end of the cycle
- Package 120 Days - 1% daily payback end of the cycle
- Package 150 days - 1.05% daily payback end of the cycle
- Package 180 days - 1.1% daily payback end of the cycle

3. Investment Guide to Hooplex

- Registration of investment account here: ➡  Account Registration Hooplex

- First you click  SIGN UP , enter the email, agree to the terms of the site and click  Sign Up .
- Then you click links in email to activate your account

- From the console interface into position  Settings  to update the address for billing

- Select  My score  to recharge investment.

- You can enter the token for the corresponding amount in USD or number Crypto box below
- Select a payment method => Enter the amount of $ 1 coin LXR LXR ~ 0.99 USD => then click Deposit and then proceed to deposit money into for the site offers.
- Next when recharging is complete we will select the package and activate investment interest

- Select Portfolio enter the amount selected rate cycle then click to select the Make Portfolio is finished
Note : If you send money via Bitcoin, need accurate transfer Bitcoin wallet number is provided, if for outgoing surcharge is added to the charge sent.
If you invest in Crypto you have to wait for confirmation from the system from 10 minutes - 1 hour clock Your deposit will be activated on your account. If you invest through the gate Dollars as PM, Payeer such, you will be taken to the homepage of payment gateways and money going to the site immediately after you make the payment order.

Note:  Investments in the network always potential risks so consider and invest within your budget allows. This article is for reference only should you learn thoroughly before deciding to invest.

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