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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

[SCAM] Review HYIP EvenRex.Com [HK] - Up 1.67% daily

EvenRex is a company that specializes in Forex in Hong Kong with many renowned experts in the world operate. Headquarters and also the workplace of EvenRex have specific addresses in Hong Kong. Certificates as well as adequate legal basis will bring peace of mind to investors. EvenRex official for investors involved in the day Feb 13, 2019 . This is a great opportunity to join the brothers invested to earn interest EvenRex highest for this long term project.

  • Registered investment accounts: EvenRex
I. Characteristics of EvenRex
  • Date ran: Feb 13, 2019
  • Accept investment: $ [PM, Payeer, Advcash], Crypto [BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP]
  • Minimum Investment: $ 50
  • Minimum withdrawal: 5 $
  • Payment: Manual - payment within 24 hours. The withdrawal order was made on Thursday/per week.
  • Address information as well as the legal documents of the company you can look at the "About Company".

  • Video introduction to EvenRex
II. The package rate of EvenRex
1. Pack "Batch Investment" - Package rates do not return
  • Investment from $ 100. Rate 0.56% - 0.82% daily [17% - 25% monthly] for 9 months.
  • Investment from $ 5k. Rate 0.82% - 1.15% daily [25% - 35% monthly] for 7 months.
  • Investment from $ 10k. Rate 1.15 % - 1.64% daily [35% - 50% monthly] for 5 months.
2. Package "Trust Management" - recall with payback after the specified date
you can follow the information below. With this package you can rate the investment from $ 10 for the day payback from 30-150 days. Interest rates ranged from 0.4 - 1.67% daily.
III. Make Money with EvenRex
In addition bonus level investment from your downline also receive a bonus of 30 - $ 10k depending on system sales you achieve. The higher the level the more you get bonuses from lower investment and more higher. This is an opportunity to build a system leader for good projects like this. To see more of you in the "For Partners".
Special brothers can transfer money between accounts at EvenRex by going to the "Funds transfer" or on the "Partners" - select members want to transfer money click on the "Transfer Funds".
IV. Investment Guide to EvenRex
1. Register your account EvenRex
To register EvenRex, click HERE
Then you click on the "Login to the profile".

Click "Open account" to register for an account.

2. Update your billing information
Upon login you right into the "Settings", select "Financial data" to update the electronic wallet that you have.
3. Deposit accounts
To recharge your account on the "Top up", select the currency you want to launch [$ or Crypto], enter the amount you want to load, select the payment gateway and click on "Top up account balance".
4. Investment and interest income
After deposit in step 3 has to account, to invest you click on "Invest", select the category that want to invest, choose to recall wanting to invest, enter the amount of investment and click "Open account". Investment process here is completed, your task is every 5th weekly draw EvenRex interest in the [Min 5 $].


V. Proof Feb 21, 2019



Note: HYIP always potential investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions

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