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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

[ SCAM] Review Forest4.biz - 4% daily

[SCAM] Forest4 properly called fond of nature, trees and a design that is purely a friendly blue debuted dated Mar 03, 2019. Along with that is also eyeing a package Forest4 long-term rate is 4% daily for 38 days to work[51 calendar days], robust security by Green Bar SSLdesignation. All those things will be a chance for you to invest now to ensure profits for this first round.

  • Registered investment accounts: Forest4
I. Characteristics of Forest4
  • Release: Mar 03, 2019
  • Accept payment via: Crypto [BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP]. $ Port [PM, Payeer] are updated.
  • Minimum Investment: $ 20
  • Minimum withdrawals: 3 $
  • Payment: Manual - payment within 36h work
  • Referral bonus invest 3 levels: 10 % - 2% - 1%.
II. The package rate of Forest4
  • Plan Four : Interest 4% daily for 38 business days, interest paid daily from Monday - Friday [51 calendar days], not payback, ROI of 152% .
  • 115 Plan : Interest 115% after 15 calendar days. Full principal and interest after 15 calendar days. 115% ROI .
III. Investment Guide to Forest4
  • Registered investment accounts: Forest4
Once logged into the right account you "Profile" to update the electronic wallet that you have, then click "Save changes" to save the information.

To invest you on "Deposit Funds" rate package selected, choose the payment gateway, enter the amount you want to invest [Crypto Crypto is entered in number, are entered in the $ $], then press "CONTINUE".

 Click to "CONTINUE".


  • If you load port $ , the money to the account immediately. The portal will soon be updated
  • If you deposit via Crypto , you will receive the exact address of Forest4 for BTC to invest in your transfers.
To test the packages you have invested interest you to "My deposits". HyipOla has invested 2.4 ETH on day Mar 05, 2019
IV. Proof of payment {proof} days later update Mar 06, 2019
Note: HYIP always potential investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions

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