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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Creative Ideas for Sharing, Sharing and Receiving $ 600 rewards in Bitcoin

Trading idea (hereinafter referred to as Idea) is an attractive social trading feature that allows you to share opinions about cryptocurrencies, stocks or forex trends, getting high ratings. community and lifetime revenue shared through SimpleFX 's affiliate program .

From July 1 to 31, SimpleFX traders sharing their Trading Ideas can receive a reward of US $ 600 paid via Bitcoin. Ideas that get the most shares and reviews will win the prize. 
Participants can share as many of their Ideas as possible. However, if a person submits multiple replies, only the content that receives the highest score will be allowed to participate in the round. 
Everyone can participate in the contest, however terms and conditions apply.

What is the Trading Idea?

You can create a Trading Idea with just a few clicks. Just take a screenshot of your chart analysis, add a comment and share it on the app or via social media. Each Idea will have a link of the user that will record the number of subscriptions and transactions for a lifetime profit sharing payment.
With Trading Ideas, you can:
  1. Inspire friends
  2. Introducing new traders to the network
  3. Interact with members of his network
  4. Help others make money for them and for you
  5. Become a star in the online trading community
Creating and Sharing Trading Ideas is effortless. This is a simple implementation guide .

Unique marketing affiliate program

SimpleFX has one of the best marketing affiliate programs with a lifetime profit sharing of up to 25%. SimpleFX partners can use software to track the link.
With you can track your links on the map, and expand the system with a great multilingual design suite for your campaigns. Real-time statistics of each click, each view, conversion rate and multi-tier revenue income make it easy to expand and activate the affiliate network.

Best deals app for 2019

SimpleFX WebTrader won the competition for the best trading application at the Finance World Expo Summit 2019 - the World Financial Expo held in Switzerland. Experts have rated SimpleFX WebTrader highly because:
  • Excellent availability on mobile devices
  • Incredible speed and reliability
  • Meet user needs with new features
  • The user community is strong and thriving.
The development of SimpleFX has increased dramatically since the end of 2018 due to the downtrend of the cryptocurrency market, all thanks to the positive reception for SimpleFX WebTrader 2.0 version and its association with the associated program software. link.

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