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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Is this an effective investment channel?

Trust investment  in recent times is one of the attractive forms, many investors are interested, because of constantly appearing on social media channels with extremely attractive offers and interest rates. leads up to 50%. So is investment trust really a magic "money printer" for you? Or is this just a trick from the companies? If you are interested in trust investment, please see our article below, to assess whether you should join this investment channel or not! 

What is an investment trust?
Trust means that you assign an individual or legal entity - the trustee, on your behalf to do certain things that you cannot do or do not want to do yourself.
In short, in financial investments, investment trust is the form in which you hand over money to the trustee (the recipient of investment capital) - be it banks, fund management companies, financial companies. , investment funds to conduct investment activities for profit-making purposes.

Is the trust legal in Vietnam?

Currently, many companies, established funds receive trust from investors to trade for profit. This practice is very popular recently. However, you should note that currently Vietnamese laws have only introduced sanctions and investment management for the stock market, other forms of investment such as  forex investment, gold investment ... not yet. recognized, there are lots of loopholes for bad guys to take advantage of and bypass the law. Therefore, if you participate in investment trust, you should be cautious or it may lead to loss of your personal benefits or the protection of your rights.

Pros and cons of investment trust

Any type of investment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons of the investment trust that I found:


There are attractive sources of profits, especially in the first months. In addition, if you find professional, experienced fund managers, you can also earn regular profits without having to spend effort and effort on anything.
Profitability is higher than bank deposits. This is also true, without attractive profits, it will not be possible to attract capital and money from individuals with idle money.


In many cases, investors are easily fooled and lose their money. Because there is no guarantee that 100% of your investment will be profitable, especially when the trustee has little financial and investment experience. Or even, instead of investing, the trustee will run away with your money. So this can be a risky form that you need to consider before participating.

How to successfully delegate investment?

Successful investment involves many elements, sometimes luck is required. Here are some of his experiences.

Choose a trustee company

This is of utmost importance, because they - hedge funds, companies are the ones who will hold your money destiny. So, thoroughly understanding the operation history, how to make money from these companies, they use the mobilized capital to entrust into which investment channels, whether it is safe or not, is your job. Should do 1 cautiously, avoid money loss disability!
Some basic criteria to evaluate a reputable investment fund you need to care about are: Having a good history of profits & risk management, low turnover, clear cost, evidence Using efficiency through total investment return, making positive and transparent analysis reports ...

Do not put eggs in one basket

In fact, the trust process will often be divided into many different packages. At first, the trustee will advise you to open trust packages with modest capital, then they will suggest for you to gradually increase, to larger packages. In particular, many funds during this time are trying to make your money grow as you expect so you can trust hope and upgrade to larger investment packages. But this can also be a "trick" of scam funds. Because after you agree to upgrade your investment, your trading may fall into a loss, not as favorable as the first.
Profits are for everyone, however, if you want to invest, you can split this money and invest it in different funds of different companies. If in the process of investing returns, stability, you also need to consider do not rush to upgrade the package to avoid the risk from these funds.

Carefully calculate how much profit you earn exactly

Many funds advertise the profits you make from trust investments up to 80% -90% extremely attractive. However, after you deduct fees such as the maintenance fee of the investment package, the fee you have to pay the trustee if the investment is successful (this fee is often very large, up to 30% of the total profit you collect. OK). So you can ask your advisor to calculate for you how much you actually earned. Consider that amount versus paying interest in banks or other forms of investment. If you find them really interesting, you might consider joining.

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