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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Review Diamonds.Capital - SCAM Or LEGIT?


Diamonds Capital is a "Diamond Fund" that can perform automated daily transactions and increase the Company's profits by 3.5% in 1 working day. 
This is a great result that Diamonds Capital is willing to share with you.
Diamonds Capital has an extremely high-class investment and interest, you dep BTC - pay BTC; dep ETH - pay ETH; dep USD - pay USD, Not the same type of dep coin as the usual $! See details under the article.

➤ Registration link ::  Diamonds Capital

Information about Diamonds Capital

Diamonds Capital is a financial company providing the following services:
  • - Asset Management;
  • - Electronic money transactions
  • - Managing financial markets
  • - Analysis and market research.
Date online: November 2, 2019
Review date: November 15, 2019
Status:  PAYING

Technical information

  • Official domain name: Diamonds.Capital
  • Domain name term: August 15, 2021
  • Security: SSL PositiveSSL Wildcard Sectigo Limited
  • Terribly designed, available Vietnamese version very convenient
  • The system of frequently asked questions (FAQs) is a separate and detailed section
  • Address + business registration license, phone number, email transparency
  • Support: Live chat and Email -

Basic information Diamonds Capital

  • Starting for investment: November 3, 2019
  • Accept payment via:  Perfect Money ,  Payeer ,  BTC ,  ETH
  • Minimum investment: $ 20, 0.01BTC or 1 ETH
  • Interest paid: 5 days / week (Mon-Fri)
  • Min withdraw $ 1 with dollars, and min $ 5 with Crypto
  • Draw any interest, no fee
  • There is no mechanism to cancel the investment package ahead of time
  • Manual payment: From 1 hour to 3 days
  • It is not allowed to create multiple accounts with the same IP or the same wallet
  • Commission: Base 7% to 25%, increase according to the strength of your team to AVAILABLE (see details below)

Diamonds Capital's return on investment

Consulting investment packages
There are many different investment packages at Diamonds Capital, and there are 3 different programs involving $, Bitcoin and Ethereum investment portals.
Diamonds Capital Invest and pay interest extremely class, you dep BTC - pay BTC; dep ETH - pay ETH; dep USD - pay USD, Not the same type of dep coin as the usual $!
If you are a "Hugging coins" believers, this will also be an opportunity to accumulate numbers, just play for a short time:
  • EXCLUSIVE START Package : Min $ 20 or 0.01BTC or 1ETH, 30 working days, Interest 1.5% / day after 24h + 5 ′, with original refund
  • STABLE PROFIT Package : Min 500 $ or 0.1BTC or 10ETH, 25 working days, Interest 2.0% / day after 24h + 5 ′, with original refund
  • GOLDEN CHOICE Package : Min 3,000 $ or 0.5BTC or 30ETH, 35 working days, Interest 2.3% / day after 24h + 5 ′, with original
  • DIAMONDS CAPITAL Package : Min $ 15,000 or 2BTC or 100ETH, 40 working days, Interest 2.5% / day after 24h + 5 ′, with original repayment

Referral commission

Many awards at Diamonds Capital, you can see more in the "AFFILIATE PROGRAM"
There are two main rewarding mechanisms: basic commissions based on investments downstream, and level difference commissions based on total downline sales, very novel and attractive.

About basic commission

  • Commissions are calculated on the amount of money under the investment
  • Up to 10 levels for you and your team to strive to achieve
  • Min reward is the GLASS rank = 7% from F1's investment
  • If your system reaches 5000 $ sales, you will level up to BRONZE, now you receive BRONZE commission = 8% from F1 investment
  • Just so your system increases sales, the rank and% of your commissions increase accordingly.
  • Maximum, when your system reaches over $ 25 million, you level up RED-DIAMOND and the commission will be 25% from F1 investment

 Basic commission by investment

About commission difference

At Diamonds Capital, there is one more terrible bonus mechanism, which is the difference in level of commission on the system revenue:
  • Example below: If you level up GOLD, and you have 4 downlines F1 reach SILVER - BRONZE - SILVER - GLASS and they have the same revenue as the picture below, then in addition to 12% of direct investment from F1 Next, you are rewarded with the following rate:
    • 12% - 10% = 2% = 700 $
    • 12% - 8% = 4% = 460 $
    • 12% - 10% = 2% = 700 $
    • 12% - 7% = 5% = 150 $
    • Thus, your total rank difference bonus will be $ 2,010
And of course, you will not want to stop at only four downlines F1 but will build more right?

Commission difference by rank (% of sales)
Truly, the very attractive reward deserves for leaders who make good systems! This is also a catalyst for the project to grow stronger and go further.
You should research soon and build this additional income for yourself offline!

Diamonds Capital Investment Guide

Part 1: Sign up for an account

➤ Registration link ::  Diamonds Capital
Registration is not difficult, just note
  • At the step of registration, you will manually enter 6- digit  PIN , you must remember this pin to withdraw money later.
  • In Profile / Wallet to fill in for Bitcoin ( BTC ) or ETH, LTC ... and Your  PM waller

Part 2: Deposit money into Diamonds Capital

If you deposit in USD $:
  • (1) Go to the menu and select "Balance"
  • (2) Select the USD charging port
  • (3) Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • (4) Click "Imput"
  • The system will take you to the payment gateway of PM, done!

If you deposit via Crypto:
  • (1) Go to the menu and select "Balance"
  • (2) Select the BTC recharge port
  • (3) Enter the number of BTC you want to deposit
  • (4) Click "Imput"
  • (5) You will receive 1 BTC wallet address.
  • (6) Add the correct number of Coins to the required wallet address! (You can transfer from Remitano wallet, Blockchain wallet ...HyipRadar transfer from Binance wallet, it takes about 10 ′ to be complete)

Part 3: Invest BTC in Diamonds Capital

  • (1) Go to the menu and select "Opening a deposit"
  • (2) Choose BTC port (If you invest in $ then select USD port)
  • (3) Select Investment package and click " Invest "
  • (4) Enter the number of BTC you want to invest and click " Invest " again
  • Accomplished! You will receive interest after 24h + 5 ′ from the time of investment.

Withdraw money from Diamonds Capital

  • Go to the menu and select "Balance"
  • Balance withdraw
  • Select the withdrawal port (e.g. HyipRadar withdrawals BTC)
  • Enter the number of BTC to withdraw
  • Click "Output" and it is done!
➤ Registration link ::  Diamonds Capital

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