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Thursday, November 14, 2019

When should I stop trading Binary Options?

One of the important factors that helps traders succeed in Binary Option trading is to seize the moment. They wait for the golden moment, capture and capture the most valuable moments in the market. So when should I trade and when not?
Here are some times that we should stop trading Binary Option to ensure optimal capital.

When the profit or loss target is reached
For example, you set a goal of 3% capital per day. You reach that level within half an hour. Please stop trading to ensure the stability and security of your account. Do the same when you are at a loss.
But unfortunately not many people do this. The only way is we have to train ourselves.

Predict the negative results

Quotes can sometimes go wrong at the last minute. In this case, postpone the transaction and wait for a lucky time. Negative emotions will lead to loss of control and financial losses. A successful Binay Option trader must control his feelings.

No concentration

You need to be careful and careful when analyzing charts. Any distracting external effects that pull your emotions along, then your brain will work superficially and lose focus. When the spirits go down or have negative emotions, or go out to relieve stress and return to work with Binay Option trading after all stress has been relieved.

Immediately after the important news was published

As soon as the statistics or meeting results are published, the tension in the market is almost extremely intense. No one will sell or buy property related to that news. Therefore, analyze the economic calendar first and set a time for trading.
Above, there are some times in which I think Binary Option should be stopped. If you know any other dangerous times, please share them below.
Reference: Master Option

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