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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

[SCAM] Review Alcore.Club - SCAM Or LEGIT?

Alcore Club is a pretty good project for you to fight for the long term for the last month of 2019 as well as the opening for a good 2020. Alcore Club launches November 22, 2019with design, interest package, standard system bonus and alignment for long-distance plans. The community participating in Alcore Club is currently mainly in Europe, HyipOla is the first Monitor to bring this project to Vietnam. According to HyipOla, this is a pretty good project to consult and decide right away.

I. Features of Alcore Club
  • Launched: November 22, 2019
  • Accept payment via: USD [PM, Payeer], Crypto [BTC, ETH, LTC].
  • Minimum investment: 50 $ - 0.007 BTC - 0.3 ETH
  • Minimum withdrawals: 1 $ - 0.0004 BTC - 0.008 ETH
  • Interest paid: 5 days / week from Monday - Friday at 8:00 GMT . Saturday, Sunday without interest.
  • Payment: Manual - Maximum payment within 72 hours.
II. The package rate of Alcore Club
  • Basic Package : Interest 1.5% daily for 10 working days [5 days / week]. Interest paid daily, payback at the end of the 10-day cycle. Investment from $ 50 - 0.007 BTC - 0.3 ETH .
  • Player Package : Interest 2.0% daily for 20 working days [5 days / week]. Interest paid daily, payback at the end of the 20-day cycle. Investment from 500 $ - 0.07 BTC - 3 ETH .
  • Master Plan : Interest 2.5% daily for 30 working days [5 days / week]. Interest paid daily, payback at the end of the 30-day cycle. Investment from $ 5,000 - 0.7 BTC - 30 ETH .
  • Professional Package : Interest 3.0% daily for 40 working days [5 days / week]. Interest paid daily, payback at the end of the 40-day cycle. Investment from $ 50,000 - 7 BTC - 300 ETH .
  • Package Expert : Interest 4.0% daily for 180 days of work [5 days / week]. Interest and capital paid after 180 days. This package should not be involved.

III. Make money with Alcore Club
  • To make money with Alcore Club, you must invest a minimum of $ 50 . Referral bonus for the first level consists of 4 levels: 5% - 2% - 2% - 1%.
  • Corresponding to each level you will receive bonuses from subordinate investment increasing in% and quantity. Details see the table below.

IV. Guide to investing with Alcore Club

Note : 
  • You can top up the $ port from any port, then the value will be converted to $ and interest will be calculated according to $. However, when withdrawing, you can withdraw to any port. If you want to withdraw to Coin, the value of $ will be converted to Coin at the time of withdrawal.
  • The BTC portal can only be loaded via BTC and withdrawn to BTC
  • ETH port is only loaded via ETH port and only withdraws to ETH
1. Recharge account
Select the "+" sign at USD or BTC or ETH port >> Choose the loading port >> Enter the amount you want to deposit >> Add Funds .

2. Investing
Once the deposit is successful and appears on the balance, you can invest by clicking Deposits >> Select USD or BTC or ETH >> Enter the amount you want to invest in creating the interest package you choose> > Invest .

Click Proceed . Investment process here is completed.

To check the interest package that invested you in Open Deposits >> Select the port that invested USD, BTC or ETH >> You will see your interest package . HyipOla invested $ 500 in the Player package on 12/12/2019 .

Here you can add money to the interest package you have invested from your account balance [Interest, referral bonus] by clicking Add funds >> Enter the amount you want to add to the interest package >> Add Funds .

3. Guide to participate in entertainment game betting
To participate in betting you on Bets >> Select the category you want to participate >> Enter the bet amount >> Choose your option >> Create .

4. Withdrawal instruction
To withdraw money, go to Account >> Click on the "-" sign at the gate having money .

V. Proof 12/12/2019

Note: HYIP always implies an investment risk, so you should consider investing within the financial limits allowed and be responsible for your investment decisions.
HyipOla official information channel - [New version of Tekzoom]

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