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Friday, March 13, 2020

Review Watfordcorp.com - SCAM Or LEGIT?

Today Watford LLC is a holding company, which includes companies operating in completely different fields. It both controls, and is the parent company, for such corporations as Goldminebmd, a gold mining company, Nmwenergy, an alternative energy production and distribution company, EDV-Recycling, a waste recycling company and Marijuana-diet, a pharmaceutical and cosmetology product development and marketing company, of which all products are cannabis-based.

Watford’s range of business and industries covered is quite extensive and diverse, and each of these companies, controlled by Richard Watford and his team, went through a new development stage and have received a new promotional direction.
All Watford LLC subsidiaries have become leading players in their industry due to the developed business model, as well as competent management and sustainable development. The controlling interest owner in each of these companies is Watford LLC, therefore, it sets the most effective rates for each controlled corporation.
By carefully monitoring each company’s statistics, analysing their financial flows and monitoring all products and the production process, Watford LLC has become one of the most successful joint-stock companies, which is able to ensure security and safety for investors, to create a favourable atmosphere for investments and protect the investors’ and shareholders’ funds.

Interview with Richard Watford


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