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Thursday, June 4, 2020

[SCAM] Review WinZa.CC - SCAM Or LEGIT?

Many investors regret not taking advantage of the opportunity to invest in profits from online betting company Alcore [Alcore has so far performed well and there is no sign of stopping]. And that regret will not repeat if you immediately join Winza today. Because Winza's age is quite young when it was launched on 16/03/2020 but has many advantages compared to Alcore in addition to online Casino business [this area can be called the top profit. most], Winza also makes a huge profit by selling CPM advertising , especially Winza has a free monetization program with Faucetwill be a motivation for the project to be widely covered. Income generating areas for Winza will be strong enough to pay interest to members who invest in the long run. Let HyipOla review Winza in the most detail before deciding to invest.
I. Features of WinZa
  • Official launch: March 16, 2020.
  • Accept the ports: USD [PM, Payeer], Crypto [BTC - DOGE - LTC]
  • Minimum investment: 10 $
  • Minimum payment: 1 $ - 0.0002 BTC - 0.01 LTC - 1000 DOGE
  • Withdrawal: Manual, up to 48 hours
  • Interest paid: 7 days / week.
II. Opportunity to make money with WinZa
1. For members to make money for free
If you do not have money to invest, you can make free money at Winza extremely simply by going to Free Faucet >> Claim Free Money . You can use this function every 60 minutes.
Select the port you want to receive free money >> Enter Capcha >> Confirm Claim .
You will see the details of the amount received each time you Claim.
2. For Leader, Referrer, Blog, Monitor
  • Receive 0.5% from the amount that your first line participates in CASINO [Section " CASINO "]
  • Receive 0.2% from the amount that your line 1 deposits into your Wallet account [" My Wallet " section]
  • Get 0.3% from the amount that your line 1 uses the currency conversion function [Item " Currency Exchange "]
  • Receive 10% on the money your line 1 receives from Claim Faucet [" Free Faucet " section)
  • You can get your referral link at the " Referral Program ". Here you can also set the automatic RCB mode for downline members [RCB only for members who make money via Faucet ] by clicking " CHANGE RCB " Drag the slider to select the percentage you want RCB >> Update .
III. Guide to participate in investment at WinZa
1. Sign up for an account
  • Account registration: WinZa
After clicking the link above, to register your account go to " JOIN NOW ", to login you to " LOGIN ".
Choose the type of wallet you use >> Enter your username >> Mail >> Your password >> Enter your chosen PIN Code [Remember this PIN Code] >> AGREE & REGISTER .
2. Recharge account
In order to invest in Winza, you must first deposit money into your account by going to My Wallet >> Click DEPOSIT at the port you want to top up.
3. Keep your money in your account to get Hold interest up to 1% daily
After you have successfully deposited money into your account, you will have the " HODL " function, with this feature you will have the following profits:
  • Your account balance can be withdrawn to your wallet anytime you want with no withdrawal fees.
  • You will receive up to 1% daily interest on your account balance without any further action. As long as your balance is available, you still have interest. This means you will receive compound interest because the daily interest generated from your account balance. You can click on "HODL" to see how much interest is today.
For example: Interest on May 25, 2020 is: 0.57% , on May 24 , 2020: 0.42% .
4. Invest to earn up to 5% daily until you get 150% ROI.
  • If you invest, you will receive interest ranging from 2-5% daily .
  • Interest will run until you reach 150% ROI [NET 50%] . Then you want to continue to profit, then continue to recharge investment or reinvest from your account balance.
To invest, you go to Bankroll Investments >> Select the port having money >> INVEST .
Enter the amount of money you want to invest >> START INVESTMENT .
The investment process here is complete and you can scroll down to check the interest packages have been invested. HyipOla invested $ 500 on May 25, 2020 . Note: Only a maximum of 5 investment packages can be opened at the same time .
IV. Instructions to participate in CASINO games at Winza
You can play CASINO Games with your deposit, or play with your free money.
To join the game, you just need to go to " Casino ", there are GAME including:
  • (1)  WINZA LOTTERY : like VietLot, buy lottery tickets to win huge prizes, this prize accumulates every day until someone wins
  • (2)  DICE GAME : like playing "TALK-PROFILE" choose green
  • (3)  EURO ROULETTE : European lucky draw game.
  • (4)  WHEEL OF FORTUNE : Choose the correct rotation fall into 2X, 3X, 5X or 50X.
  • (5)  LAST MAN STANDING : The last one left, bet for himself, surpassing other players
V. Proof 27/05/2020
Note: Investing in HYIP, MLM, ICO, Matrix Review always entails investment risks, so you should consider investing within the financial limits allowed and be responsible for your investment decisions.

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