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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

[SCAM] Review SwapFy.Biz – SCAM Or LEGIT?

Swapfy is an online banking project run by a company from the US, launched June 29 , 2020 . Swapfy review with professional design, class and transparent information about the company as well as clear images of leaders and offices should be very assured to invest in this first phase. . Swapfy Review with low interest rate packages according to long-term standards will be a good resource to attract large customers. Let's review the main features of the Swapfy project with HyipOla before deciding to invest.

  • Registration of investment account: Swapfy 

I. Characteristics of Swapfy
  • Official launch: June 29 , 2020 .
  • Accept deposits via ports: USD [PM, Payeer], Crypto [BTC, ETH], Visa, Qiwi.
  • Minimum investment: $ 100.
  • Minimum payment: $ 1.
  • Interest paid: 7 days / week.
  • Payment: Manual, maximum payment in 5 days.
  • Photo of Swapfy office in Bangladesh
  •  License to operate in the US
II. The package rate at Swapfy
  • Package 182 days : Investment from $ 100 and up. Profit 1.1% per day for 182 days , daily profit inclusive of the principal. Total received 200%. 
  • 365-day package : Investment of $ 500 or more. Profit 0.66% per day for 365 days , repay the principal at the end of the investment cycle. 240% profit.
III. Make money with Swapfy
In addition to the basic introductory commission of 5 levels: 7% - 2% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.2% for partners, Swapfy also adds a sales bonus, depending on the team sales structure. You will receive different bonuses, see the image below.  
Note :Sales calculated in the bonus program sales will take 60% of your team sales in 5 levels.
  • Example: If your group's sales reach $ 100,000, the system will count the sales of your bonus program as $ 100,000 x 60% = $ 60,000.
IV. Guide to invest in Swapfy
1. Sign up for an account
  • Registration of investment account: Swapfy
As soon as you log into your account, go to Settings >> Enter wallet address >> Save changes .

2. Recharge account
To deposit money into your account, go to Deposit to the balance >> select the loading port >> enter the amount you want to deposit >> Deposit to the balance .

3. Conducting investment
To invest you in Open deposit >> select interest package >> enter the amount you want to invest >> Invest .

To check the package rate, go to " Dashboard ".

4. Withdraw money 
To withdraw money, go to Withdraw money >> select the port you want to withdraw >> enter the amount you want to withdraw >> withdraw funds .

Note: Investment Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix Review always have potential investment risks, so you should consider investing within the financial limits allowed and be responsible for your investment decisions.

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