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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Review GoldenWay.Group – SCAM Or LEGIT?

GoldenWay Group is a transparent gold trading project run by a company in Dubai where gold becomes a commodity like any other. GoldenWay Review is gradually being received as a powerful helper for extremely effective savings deposit and the same place where you can freely buy and sell gold. Review GoldenWay launched in October 2019, but only officially active Online strongly attracting investors from around the world to participate from June 2020 . This is the best opportunity to participate in profitable investment with the GoldenWay project because the interest packages at GoldenWay can pay weekly interest, so investors can take the best initiative. Let HyipOla learn this wonderful GoldenWay project before deciding to invest.

I. Features of GoldenWay review
  • Official launch: October 2019, officially promoting June 2020.
  • Accept deposits via the following ports: USD [Payeer, PM], EUR [PM, BTC, ETH]
  • Accept withdrawals through the ports:  EUR [PM, BTC, ETH]
  • Minimum investment: 50 EUR.
  • Minimum payment: Unlimited
  • Payment: Manual - Pay once a week on every Wednesday.
  • Join long term Hyip favorite community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/longtermhyip/
  • Video introduces GoldenWay office in Dubai
  • Video introduction to information about GoldenWay project 
II. Interest package at GoldenWay review
All interest packages pay interest weekly.
  • Interest 3.0% / week if you invest in 1 week . Payback at the end of the 1 week cycle. ROI 103% .
  • Interest 3.5% / week for 4 weeks if you invest in 1 month . Payback at the end of the 1 month cycle. ROI is 114% .
  • Interest 4.0% / week for 13 weeks if you invest in 3 months . Payback at the end of the 3-month cycle. ROI 152% .
  • Interest 4.5% / week for 26 weeks if you invest in 6 months . Payback at the end of the 6-month cycle. ROI is 217% .
  • Interest 5.0% / week for 52 weeks if you invest for 1 year . Payback at the end of the 1 year cycle. 360% ROI .

III. Make money with the GoldenWay project
  • To make money with GoldenWay requires you to invest a minimum of 50 EUR . 
  • To better understand the Leader policy you can watch the video below
1. Receive bonuses from downline investment and level up bonuses.
  • You will receive a bonus from downline investment of 10 - 19% depending on your individual level.
  • You will receive a bonus of between EUR 15 - EUR 1,500,000 as you level up
  • To level up, you need to reach the required level of investment for line 1, for details of the membership levels, see the photo below.

2. Get more gold and artifacts when leveling up.

3. Receive more gifts when investing from 10,000 EUR .

IV. Investment guide at GoldenWay Vietnam
1. Register investment account
As soon as you log in, enter your account balance >> My accounts >> Choose your wallet type >> Enter your e-wallet address >> Create to save your wallet information.

Go to Account Name >> Addresses >> Update your exact address so you can receive gold and valuable items if you gain.

You continue to your account name >> Verification >> Upload photos on the front of your ID card or the front of your Passport to verify your account.

2. Investment
To invest you in E-commerce >> Shop >> Voucher for Gold Bars >> Press + to add money to invest >> Select the time to join the interest package >> Select the buy icon of the Shop .

Click cart .

Chọn "I agree....." >> Make an Order.

Click on the EUR icon .

Select loading port >> Proceed to pay .

To check your investment package, you go to E-commerce >> Orders . HyipOla has invested 150 EUR on August 16, 2020.

  • You can see detailed investment videos in the video below
3. Withdraw interest
To withdraw interest or your account balance, go to Finance >> To Withdrawal >> Enter the amount you want to withdraw >> Select the port you want to withdraw >> Continue .

4. Internal transfer
You can transfer RCB money or sell EUR to a GoldenWay participant by going to Finance >> Transfer >> Enter the amount of EUR you want to transfer >> Enter member's email >> Continue .

Note: Investment Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix Review are always potentially risky, so you should consider investing within the financial range and be responsible for your investment decisions

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