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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Review Platiotrade.com – SCAM Or LEGIT?

PlatioTrade is a long-term project from the UK launched on August 13, 2020 after a long time waiting for members to wait for a cult project worth investing in. With the recognizable standards of a cult project, PlatioTrade review will be the hottest opportunity for members to participate in the first place as well as an endless gold mine for Leader to explore for the last months of 2020. No need Talking about PlatioTrade project , veteran investors can see the attraction it will bring in the coming time. Let HyipOla take a look at the main features of PlatioTrade Vietnam projectbefore deciding to invest.

I. Features of PlatioTrade review
  • Official launch: August 13 , 2020 .
  • Accept deposit via ports: USD [PM. Payeer], Crypto [BTC, ETH]
  • Minimum investment: 50 $.
  • Minimum payment: $ 1, separate BTC $ 10.
  • Payment: Manual - Maximum payment in 3 working days.
  • Join the long term Hyip favorite community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/longtermhyip/
  • Video introduces the PlatioTrade project
  • Video HyipOla review PlatioTrade Vietnam
II. Interest package at PlatioTrade review
  • IPO : Interest 0.82% daily [25% monthly], no payback. Investment from 50 - 300 $ .
  • VENTURES : Interest 1.0% daily [30% monthly], no payback. Investment from 300 - 3,000 $ .
  • BEST STRATEGIES : Interest 1.33% daily [40% monthly], no payback. Investment from 3,000 $ .

III. Make money with the PlatioTrade project
  • To make money with PlatioTrade, you must invest a minimum: 50 $ .
  • System turnover is calculated for the referral level see the photo below
1. Make money from downline investments.
  • Members who activate the minimum investment package of $ 50 will have the opportunity to earn bonuses from their 3-level investment NEWBIE ]: 5 - 3 -1% .
  • In order to level up to receive% from higher and higher levels then you must meet the minimum individual investment requirements and total system investment. For details, see the photo below.

2. Receive bonuses from Binary
  • In order to receive bonuses from Binary, you must reach a minimum level of BRONZE PARTNER
  • Bonuses will be paid once a week from 2 to 13% depending on your Parter level. See photo below for details.

IV. Investment Guide at PlatioTrade Vietnam
1. Sign up for an account
Once logged in, go to Requisites >> Enter your e-wallet address >> Save .
2. Deposit money
To invest you have to top up your account first by going to Add Funds >> Select deposit port >> Enter the amount you want to deposit >> Add Funds .
3. Investment
When you have seen your deposit shown on the " Balance statistics " section, you can invest by going to Open Deposit >> Select a loaded port >> Enter the amount you want to invest >> Choose interest package >> Select 3 / 5 products to increase interest for your investment package >> Open Deposit .
To check your invested interest package, go to My Investment . HyipOla has invested $ 200 on August 13, 2020. 

Note: Investment Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix Review are always potentially risky, so you should consider investing within the financial range and be responsible for your investment decisions

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