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Monday, September 14, 2020

Review MyHash Token - A classy MLM project with interest up to 30% monthly

MyHashToken is an MLM project launched from September 2020 from Switzerland and is currently the most thriving community in Korea as well as China. MyHashToken Review will promise to bring a fertile land to invest in as well as build systems around the world. Let HyipOla go through the main features of the MyHashToken project before deciding to invest.

I. Characteristics of review MyHashToken
  • Official launch: September 2020 .
  • Accept investment through the portals: BTC.
  • Minimum investment: 100 $.
  • Minimum payment: 50 $ .
  • Payment: Manual - Payment within 24-48 working hours. Withdrawal orders are made from Monday - Friday from 12AM Switzerland [Equivalent to 7:00 pm in Vietnam ]
  • Interest paid: 5 days / week from Monday - Friday.
  • Join long term Hyip favorite community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/longtermhyip/
  • MyHashToken's operating team
  • MyHashToken community in the world.

II. Interest packages at MyHashToken review
  • The interest rate packages are fluctuating daily and will reach 30% monthly.
  • You can only buy interest package with a fixed amount for packages including: 100 $, 300 $, 500 $, 1k $, 3k $, 5k $, 10k $, 20k $, 30k $, 50k $ .
  • You can upgrade the small interest package to a larger interest package
  • Interest package will expire when you reach a ROI of 300% [Net Profit 200% - About 10 months].

III. Make money with MLM MyHashToken project
  • To make money with MyHashToken requires you to invest a minimum of $ 100 .
1. Make money from direct referrals
  • You will receive 5% from the investment amount of Line 1 .
  • You will receive 1% more from the investment amount of Line 2 if at least 1 member of any branch invests $ 1,000 .
  • You will receive 1% more from the investment amount of Line 3 if at least 2 members in any branch invest $ 1,000 .
  • You will receive 1% more from the investment amount of Line 4 if at least 3 members in any branch invest $ 1,000 .
  • You will receive 1% more from the investment amount of line 5 if at least 4 members in any branch invest $ 1,000 . 

2. Receive bonuses from Binary
  • You will receive 8% of the investment amount of the weak arm .

To calibrate your branch go to Network >> Binary Network >> Choose Left, Right or Automatic for the best branch balance.

3. Receive bonuses for reaching sales
  • You will have the opportunity to receive Rolex Watches, tours, cars when you achieve weak sales.

IV. Investment guidance at the MyHashToken Vietnam project
1. Sign up for an account 
The referral link is required to register an account at MyHashToken so you need to click on the link below to register.
2. Install 2FA
You should install 2FA for account security. To install you go to Account >> Edit Profile >> Turn on 2FA .

3. Conduct investment
To invest you in Dashboard >> Buy Package .

Click Buy Now on the package you want to invest

Click on Generate Link To Pay

Click on Pay Now 

You will be redirected to the payment page, select Bitcoin or Pay With CoinBase .

Copy the BTC number to be transferred to the BTC wallet address that Myhashtoken gives you to transfer payment.

To upgrade the investment package you go to Package Shop >> Upgrade >> Upgrade Now .

4. Withdraw money
To withdraw money go to Withdraws >> New Withdrawal .

Note: Investment Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix Review are always potentially risky, so you should consider investing within the financial range and be responsible for your investment decisions.

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