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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

[SCAM] Review Bitbinary.net - SCAM Or LEGIT?


BitBinary review is a pretty good project from Hong Kong because of the newest way of operating ever when combining along-term project withdaily profit through Bot to the harmonious combination ofTrading Binary Option [BO]is very HOT right now. The BitBinary project launched on November 9, 2020with a full range of participation videos as well as videos of the project's operating team introducing and answering questions about all problems with members. If comparing the hotness as well as the future of investment projects, BitBinary is currently the TOP 1 project. Let HyipOla go through the main features of the project before deciding to invest.



I. Characteristics of the BitBinary project

  • Official launch: November 9 , 2020.
  • Accept investment through the portals: USD [PM, Payeer], Crypto [BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, USDT, TRX].
  • Minimum investment: 20 $.
  • Minimum Payout: 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.03 LTC, 800 DOGE, 2 USDT, 2 $.
  • Interest paid: 7 days / week. 
  • Payment: Manual, maximum payment within 48 working hours.
  • Join long term Hyip favorite community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/longtermhyip/ 
II. Investment interest packages at review BitBinary
  • Depending on the amount of investment you will receive a package of interest corresponding to an amount of interest from 0.3% - 3% daily , refunding principal when the Bot cycle ends from 90-250 days . See the table below for details. You will receive an ROI of 175-280% .

III. Make money with BitBinary review

  • You will receive 3-layer transaction fee from trading Binary Options of members:  40 - 30 - 20% .
  • You will receive a bonus from the 3-level investment of a member who buys investment Bots: 7 - 2 - 1% .

IV. Investment guidance at the BitBinary Vietnam project

1. Sign up for an account

Right after logging in you immediately go to Personal Contacts >> Profile to update the electronic wallet you have.

2. Proceed to buy Bots of investment 

To buy Bots to invest, go to My Bots >> Click the scroll button to select the interest package >> Select the deposit port >> Enter the amount you want to invest >> Buy Bot .

>> Select deposit port >> Pay Via A Payment System [Or Pay Via Balance if your account balance is sufficient].

>> Get An Address For Payment.

If you choose the Crypto gateway, you will receive the exact amount to transfer to BitBinary's Crypto wallet. After you have transferred money, click OK to complete.


If you choose the USD port, click Click For Payment to proceed with the payment.


V. Instruction on Trading Binary Option at BitBinary

Binary Option - What is a binary option?

  • A binary option is a trading instrument that provides guaranteed returns for an accurate prediction of the price direction of a given currency over a fixed time frame.   
  • If your forecast rate change is correct, you will receive 180% profit. If not, you lose your money.  

How does crypto binary trading work?

  • The entire process of binary trading takes place on a specialized platform. The trader's task is to predict the direction of the currency rate and to create a contract with a certain amount. 
  • The rate is fixed every 30 seconds in a given area in the chart.   
  • This region has two borders: "Time Locked" and "Expiration Time". It lasts from 00: 30 to 1: 00 per minute.

What is the minimum contract price?

  • You can create a contract for any price but no less than $ 10.

1. Deposit money into the Trading Binary Option [BO] account

To play BO, you must deposit money into your BO account first by going to Personal Contacts >> Binary Balance .

>> Select deposit port >> Enter the amount you want to deposit >> Get An Address For Payment .

2. Conduct Trade 

Once you have money in BO account, you can Trade BO by going to Trading >> Select the port with money >> Enter the amount you want to bet >> Select Blue or Red . This is a 50/50 game, brothers should consider.

VI. Proof BitBinary 14/11/2020


Note: Investing in Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix, Staking, Smart Contract, Lending Review always has potential investment risks, so you should consider investing within the allowed financial scope and be responsible for your investment decisions. of you.    

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