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Monday, December 21, 2020

Review Bitomatic.io - SCAM Or LEGIT?

Bitomatic review :Earn 0.46 percent daily Profit(15 percent monthly ROI)-After 150 days you can withdrawal your capital or reinvest



I) ABOUT Bitimatic Project

  • Official launch: 20/Nov/2020
  • Payment systems: Bitcoin
  • Min invest: 44USD
  • Min withdraw: 88USD
  • Profit withdrawal : Manual – up 24h
  • Profit accrual:: 7 days / week


This is their own automatic Trading/Boosting/Steaking system. this system is the one that allows us to steak our BTOKs and generates passive income up to 14%-20% monthly.

2-BTOK, this is their own internal token and is the currency that powers all of their platforms, BTOK value will always be connected to USDT. When depositing Bitcoin in their system, it will be converted to BTOK and you can WITHDRAW whenever you want. shortly means 1 BTOK=1USD
it’s a stable token just like USDT

3- TICK, TICK is their utility token and will fuel all interactions with their platform, unlock new and special features, unlock network levels, and play a part in all the new products and special events. They are very rare and difficult to obtain but there will be a few exclusive ways to get them.

In short TICK token is the tool to unlock deeper referral levels to earn more commissions, and it helps promoters to earn more bonuses. If you’re not a leader/promoter you don’t have to purchase TICK tokens. 1 TICK=100BTOK

The company increasingly developing and offering more usability for their TICK token.

You can earn up to 20% monthly income depending on the amount of BTOK you steaking.

  • 44-4999 BTOK: 15% monthly ROI 
  • 5000-29999 BTOK: 18% monthly ROI 
  • 30000+ BTOK: 20% monthly ROI

Note: when you activate your BIT Pool with any amount of BTOK. your capital is locked for 150 days, but you can withdrawal your daily earnings anytime you want. after 150 days you can withdrawal your capital or reinvest.


Here is how you can start
Step-1: After you register a login to your account, click the (BUY BTOK) on the top menu. select the amount of BTOK you want to buy and click (Continue)


Step-2: Copy the wallet address and the BTC amount correctly after 3 confirmation your BTOK will show up on your account balance (if you use Binance or Huobi add the transaction fee to the deposit amount)

Step-3 after your BTOK is show up click the Star icon lest site of the menu and choose the (BIT POOL)



If you are new to hyip or want to optimize your investment, you should join all of our teams, do not put your money in the dark before you invest. In our video below for a better understanding of each type of hyip, slow down and listen before rubbing down with yourself.


Today I introduce to investors a new long-term project that we invest in, the project officially appeared on the internet 11/20/2020. The project is in beta and can currently be invested as usual. The site works in the form of token BTOK = 1usd. With a min withdrawal of 88USD = 88BTOK, if you want to withdraw after 1 month, you must invest 590usd. We really don’t talk much about the project, you can refer to the website and decide is yours My portfolio is “OUR INVESTMENT”. Note the project is not for new investors because they are not yet able to lose that amount.

We only introduce to investors projects we invest in according to their own capital allocation. Me and do not take all responsibility when a risk occurs because we ourselves lose money.You should not overinvest the amount you can lose. Motto “Protect capital and generated achievements before taking profit off. future profit “.The investment decision is yours. If you need more detailed information about the project, you can inbox me @HyipOla


Note: Investing in Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix, Staking, Smart Contract, Lending Review always has potential investment risks, so you should consider investing within the allowed financial scope and be responsible for your investment decisions. of you.  

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