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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

[Not Monitored] Review Tradeunos.com - SCAM Or LEGIT?


TradeUnos review continues to be an MLM project that is attracting participation, investment and promotion by many famous leaders in the investment village. The TradeUnos project was launched on December 18, 2020,but it was not until March 29, 2021 that HyipOla reviewed and brought the project to Vietnam. With the pioneering advantage right now, investors will surely benefit greatly, let's take a look at the main features of the project with HyipOla before deciding to invest.


I. Features of TradeUnos review

  • Official launch: December 18 , 2020 .
  • Accept deposit via ports: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC .
  • Minimum investment: 50 $ .
  • Minimum payment: $ 10.
  • Payment: Manual, maximum manual payment within 24 hours.
  • Interest paid: 5 days / week from Monday - Friday.
  • Video introduction to the TradeUnos Office in the UK 

II. Interest packages at the TradeUnos project

  • FOREX : Interest 1.66% daily for 90 days , no payback. Investment from 50 - 4,999 $ .
  • GOLD : Interest 1.94% daily for 180 days , no refund. Investment from 5,000 - 24,999 $ .
  • CRUDE OIL : Interest 2.22% daily for 90 days , no payback. Investment from $ 25,000- $ 49,999 .
  • CRYPTO : Interest 2.50% daily for 180 days , no payback. Investment from $ 50,000 .

III. Make money with TradeUnos review

  • Depending on the interest package you invest, you will receive a 2-class bonus from 5-2% to 10-2% .
  • You will receive a 9% Binary Bonus .
  • You will be rewarded with a percentage of sales if your downline hits a specific milestone. % of sales get between 1 -5%.
  • You will receive additional Binary bonuses when the left and right branches reach the required sales milestone. Bonuses from 1,000 - 15,000 $ .

IV. Investment guide at TradeUnos Vietnam project

1. Sign up for an account

After you have successfully registered your account you will receive an email with the login name [Begin with UNO] and the security code E-PIN . You must remember the E-PIN security code carefully because it is very important to use when making a payment.

  • Affiliate Wallet, Trade Wallet : You can withdraw money from these 2 wallets to your electronic wallet
  • Cold Wallet : Money at this wallet is only used to transfer money to downlines or to open packages for downlines. Do not withdraw to your personal wallet.

2. Investment

To invest, you go to  Investment >> Purchase Package >> Click Purchase on the package you want to invest .

>> Activate Package [Activate downline package: Invest in downline, select this item] >> Select loading port >> Choose wallet >> Enter quantity >> Continue .
>> YES >> Proceed to the payment .

To check the package of interest you invested in Investment >> My Packages >> HyipOla invested $ 850 on March 30, 2021 

3. Withdraw money

To withdraw money go to Withdrawals >> Request Withdrawal >> Choose wallet with money >> Enter amount >> Enter E-PIN >> Submit .


Note: Investment Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix, Staking, Smart Contract, Lending Review always have potential investment risks, so you should consider investing within the financial range and be responsible for your investment decisions. of you.


  1. I invested a total of $75,000.00USD worth of Bitcoin with an online company who does trading and was guaranteed a payout of 25% a week. They ended up shutting down their company website but their website was still running. So I could still see my dashboard at that time and instead of paying weekly they ended up compounding my money. It ended up compounding to $179,000USD so I requested for a withdrawal which was declined before they shutdown their website, I complained to my colleague at work who directed me about this recovery expert, Mr. Christopher that helped him, i contacted him immediately, what surprised me most that I recovered my money that same week. You can contact him at michealchristopher057@gmail.com and he will assist you on the steps to recover your invested funds.

  2. They are scammers!! I got ripped off by this firm. After i made my first and second deposit total(26,700.00) then i requested for a withdrawal suddenly my account was automatically deactivated. But I was fortunate enough to get my initial deposit out of their portal through the help of (www.cryptochargeback.org)

  3. Can the victims of scam get their money back? Yes, if you have fallen victim to scam from an unregulated investment platform or any scam at ll then are eligible to recover what was stolen from you and this can only happen if this is reported to the right people. With the right approach and with evidence, you will get what you lost back. Those behind these unregulated platforms will likely want to sell the idea that what happened to your investment was an unfortunate occurrence when in reality what happened was theft via elaborate means. If you are a victim or you know any one who is a victim of these occurrences, you should know there are people who can help you. Simply search (r e c o v e r y t e m p l e t e c h) on google just the way it is in that bracket. It is never too late if you have the right information, your sanity can be restored.

  4. I invested five thousand dollars with tradeunos since two months ago and i was supposed to withdraw last month but suspended withdrawal and claimed there will be withdrawal this month of November but surprisingly,they refused everybody from withdrawal and promised that they will pay every investor on 26th of November but i tried to login today and discovered that they have blocked every investor from accessing their account. i really need help on how to recover my funds




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