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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Boxify review

Boxify review is an investment project with a design as well as interest packages quite different from normal projects, but the policies for Leader are extremely stimulating. It is such points that often create large, popular projects and run for quite a long time before stopping. If you are lucky and consider participating from the beginning, maybe the Boxify project will be a place that brings a lot of great emotions to investors. Let's take a look at the main features of the projectwith #HyipOla , #WinHyip before deciding to invest.


  • Register for an investment account:Boxify

I. Characteristics of the investment project Boxify

  • Official launch date: September 29 , 2021 .
  • Minimum investment: $20
  • Minimum payment : $1; 0.0025 BTC; 0.03 ETH; 25 USDT Billion
  • Accept payments through e-wallets: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Tron, Binance
  • Payment time : Instant - Instant .
  • Interest payment schedule : 7 days/week 
  • Introductory video about the Boxify project

II. Package of investment interest when participating in Boxify project

  • Interest 1% daily for 30 days . Payback at the end of the interest cycle. Profit 30% [ROI 130%]
  • Profit 145% after 30 days of investment. Profit 45% [ROI 145%]
III. Make money with Boxify review
  • Referral bonus for all registered members (no investment required): 5-1-1%.
  • When the system sales reaches $25,000 investment, you will automatically level up to receive a 3-level bonus, respectively: 8-1-1%.
  • For each system sales level, you will receive a bonus bonus when you reach $25 - $20,000 in sales .

IV. Investment guide at Boxify.cc

1. Register an account
  • Register for an investment account:Boxify

As soon as you log in to your investment account, go to Settings >> Update your cryptocurrency wallet >> Save Settings .

2. Invest in Boxify

To invest you in Goods >> Select the equipment you want to invest in (each device has a built-in investment price).


 >> Choose Daily package to receive daily interest or Maximal package to receive interest after 30 days.

 >> Select a deposit method >> Select a deposit port >> Proceed Payment .

To check the package has invested you in My Items .

V. Withdraw Boxify

To withdraw you go to Payment


  • Note: Venture capital is always risky, please consider psychological and financial carefully before participating in investment. All information is for reference only, so please be responsible for your own decisions.

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